#29: Arctic Special – part two

July 23, 2009
by phil

indigenous-summit-on-cc-resIn the second part of our Arctic special featuring New Internationalist co-editor Jess Worth we look at

  • the historic Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change and its implications for the UN climate talks in Copenhagen at the end of the year
  • the Arctic’s central position in the climate tipping point story and
  • the rush to exploit the fossil fuel resources in the Arctic opened up by the sea ice melt

We also hear from Vietnam vet and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge campaigner, Robert Thompson, about the potential impacts of an oil spill and about the oil company tactic of bribery that has attempted to split and buy-out local opposition to oil drilling.

New Internationalist – Arctic Issue
Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands (REDOIL)

Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change
The Anchorage Declaration
Summit press release

Antarctic Environmental Protocol (prohibits commercial exploration of mineral resources)
Costing the Earth – Antarctic Treaty (BBC Radio 4, 9 April 2009)
Hillary Clinton – Antarctic Treaty 50th Anniversary speech

International Polar Year (IPY) “State of Polar Research” report (Feb 2009)
IPY Report press release (Feb 2009)
Extreme Ice Survey

This programme includes two short extracts from the original soundtrack to “Dutch Harbour – where the sea breaks its back” performed by The Boxhead Ensemble (Atavistic, 1997).

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